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The Lighthouse of B2B Commercial Excellence

ProSales guides leaders and firms in B2B towards the future of marketing and sales. Based on our research we help managers and firms create sustainable organic growth.

19 Years of Insights

Since 2000 we have moved the frontier of commercial excellence in collaboration with leading international firms.  
We are B2B sales and marketing nerds and passionate about sharing our insights built up in client engagements and research projects.

ProSales' Research

We regularly perform independent and collaborative studies of new phenomena in B2B sales and marketing 

Digitalization, millennials in the sales force, E-commerce, purchasing functions. These are only a few of the areas in B2B sales and marketing that we have examined during the past years.  You can find the results from many of them under the heading "Insights" in the menu above.


The ProSales Group

The ProSales group consists of a research unit and a consulting unit.

ProSales Institute

The research and analysis company. We research new phenomena in B2B sales and marketing and distribute our insights to the members of our community in various formats.

ProSales Consulting

The advisory firm. ProSales Consulting supports B2B firms in complex business challenges focused on their capability to create sustainable organic growth.

ProSales Summarized

What are the keywords that unite the ProSales group?

Commercial Excellence

All commercial functions: Sales, Marketing and Customer Success contribute to organic growth.


Growth decisions should be based on facts and research, not guesswork


We base solutions on comprehensive analysis of the specific firm, not standardized recipes.


We believe in the importance of being prepared and updated on what the future holds for us.

Sounds Exciting? Join Us!

If you want to work with a curious, dedicated team of sales and marketing nerds - you are welcome to contact us. We are always open for spontaneous applications from the right people. 


Want to Increase your Growth Capability?

If you want to develop your organic growth capability - please get in contact! We are always curious to hear about and discuss growth challenges with our clients.