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ProSales Covid-19 Response Diagnostic is an effective tool for you as a sales and marketing leader in setting your priorities for managing in and through the current crisis. It helps you to assess the starting point for your organization and define which moves to make. You will get a gap analysis as well as high level roadmap for how to move forward. Read more and initiate the process below.

How it works

  1. You contact us (through the form below, calling or sending an e-mail)
  2. We meet for a 15-30 minutes discussion via phone or video to align on expected outcomes from and a plan for how to run the diagnostic
  3. You complete a self-assessment survey  - alone or together other members of your team. The survey takes 30-60 min to complete. 
  4. ProSales consolidates and analyses the results (according to plan)
  5. We meet again to discuss which gaps that need to be filled in your organization, how and by when in order to generate results that meet and exceed expectations. This session typically takes 60-90 minutes.   

Where to start

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ProSales Covid-19 response diagnostic

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  • Purpose 
  • Scope
  • Process 
  • Outcomes
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