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Do you need an injection of food for thought? Is time limited but you need to include and mobilize a larger group? Then our inspiring lectures and workshops will be the best way to go! Available in English & Swedish.

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Every year we deliver hundreds of lectures in various contexts.

We deliver insights and inspiration in English and Swedish, for example at external events, conferences, company kick-offs and management meetings. Always based on our research on the future of B2B sales and marketing, and always delivered in an easy-going and inspiring format.



A Selection of Topics

We deal with a wide range of topics on the future of B2B sales and marketing - always based on research from our own and other international studies. Available in English and Swedish. Here are some of them. If you don't find what you are looking for - contact us!

The Future of B2B Sales and Marketing

What can we expect from future B2B sales and how can we prepare and use this to our advantage?

Supertrends in B2B Sales & Marketing

Based on our book "Supertrends" we present trends with a larga impact on your organization

Millennials as Sales Reps and Customers

If you want to hire or sell to those born between 1984-2000, you must learn to understand them.

The Fundamentals of Sales Logics

Learn your sales logic! A mix of deals with different complexity decreases performance.

Sales Performance Management

Get the latest insights on how to lead and motivate the sales force towards improved performance.

The Future of Customer Service

Loyalty and retention becomes increasingly important. What are the latest trends and technologies?

Social Selling & Linkedin for B2B

How can social media, tribalization and influencer marketing be utilized in B2B sales and marketing?

Artifical Intelligence in B2B

Sales is automated in fast pace. How does AI and algorithms work? What are the opportunities and threats?

Karma Capitalism - Business by Empathy

55 percent say that they would pay more for products and services from companies that invest in sustainability.




There is no contradition between being fact-based and fun. Our B2B sales and marketing material is both inspirational, educational and evidence-based. The content consists of facts, research and the latest trends delivered and packaged in an easy-to-understand and fun way. 

Our Experts

We have several talented and experiended speakers, who can deliver educational and inspirational lectures on a number of different themes, and to different target groups.
Henrik Larsson-Broman
Founder ProSales Institute
+46 (0) 73 081 68 66
Peter Vaigur, Ph.D.
Scientific R&D Manager
+46 (0)70 836 92 61
Markus Ejenäs, Ph.D.
CEO Prosales Institute
+46 (0)73 370 21 17

Client Testimonials

Henrik has a very good ability to make us look into thefuture in a clear, inspiring and committed way to preparefor new challenges
Henrik has a very good ability to make us look into thefuture in a clear, inspiring and committed way to preparefor new challenges
Peter Sergel
Senior Director Business Development, Edgeware AB
Henrik's lecture was incredibly interesting and inspiringwith trend analyzes as an important part of the message.Henrik is clearly one of the best in Sweden within his genre.
Nina Spegel
Business Director, Mindset
Top speakers convey feeling and facts. Listening to Henrik gives both parts. He inspires and has a feeling for how a fact-based message should be packaged and presented.
Lukas Olofsson
Sales Director, Saferoad

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We have content in most areas that affect sales and marketing. If you do not find the exact topic you are looking for here, please let us know so that we can create a customized lecture for your needs.