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We talked with the keynote speaker Henrik Larsson-Broman and asked four quick questions about the survey "The Future State of Sales", and he gave us hints for some exciting KPIs in the end result.


Why are you doing this survey?

For almost 20 years, we have conducted research on Sales Excellence, but during the same period, we have also conducted regular trend analyses to understand better how we can transform changes into opportunities. This is crucial for any company that wants to keep up with the rapidly changing world we live in. With the study The Future State of Sales, we want to gain a better understanding of which trends that commercial leaders believe are most important for their future priorities. This will give us important insights into what the future of sales may look like.

What is this survey?

In the survey, we let the respondents evaluate 30 supertrends according to what they consider to be critical for their companies to be competitive in the future. But we also want to investigate which skill gaps today's sales organizations experience and which skills are considered critical in the future. In addition, we ask several questions about how they view trust in sales and whether it has become more difficult or easier to build trust in a more digital world. The end result is compiled in an exclusive report that also will be presented at The Sales Conference.

What is the end goal of the survey?

The aim of the survey is to educate and guide managers in how to prioritize different choices in the future. 

How can a manager use the research in the survey?

Everyone who answers the survey can take part in the results, which can be used as a source of inspiration when developing the commercial agenda. It is an excellent basis for concrete discussions about the future. 

We hope you enjoyed the reading and don't forget to participate and contribute to the research about trends impacting the future of sales. We really appreciate you taking your time!