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Henrik Larsson-Broman - 20 Years of Future Proofing Sales Strategies


On November 19th Prosales Institute and Mercuri International will be hosting The Sales Conference 2020, the Nordic region’s largest event for B2B executives, offering guidance and insights for sales and marketing leaders in this most ‘eventful’ of years. With six great keynote speakers and thought-provoking presentations, the event promises to be truly unmissable - and will be available, FOR FREE, via direct video stream. 
In this series of blog posts, we’ll be talking to several of the most prominent attendees and discovering their views on where we are now - and, more importantly, where we’re heading.

Following on from last week’s interview with Anssi Rantanen, this week we speak to Henrik Larsson Broman.

As a researcher and founder of the ProSales Institute, Henrik has studied trends and research in sales for the last twenty years and is author of the book “Supertrends”. With the insights he’s uncovered, he provides sellers and managers with fact based advice on what creates sales success and what it takes to build futureproof sales strategies. In 2018 he was awarded one of the most popular keynotes in Sweden by Eventeffect.

“Never before have the changes around us been more challenging. Politically. Socially. Economically. And not least, technologically. Everything seems to go faster and become increasingly messy and we humans find it hard to keep up."

Henrik Larsson-Broman -

You talk about ‘Sales Beyond 2020’ at The Sales Conference - why is this topic so important for sales and marketing today?
- Trends act as handrails into the future. They guide us to the right decision, what to invest in, and what to avoid. In a world where everything seems to go much faster and complexity increases, we must make safe decisions based on facts about where our world is heading. In this lecture, I, therefore, want to give some thoughts on what becomes important after the pandemic.

Do you think leaders in sales and marketing devote enough time to learning and professional development? If not - why?
- No, I do not think so. And that's not so strange. In many cases, they have not been given the task of working in a development-oriented way, rather they are ordered to execute on an existing strategy. It is not sustainable in the long run. The world of Sales and Marketing is developing rapidly, and it is essential to keep up so as not to become obsolete.

What are you most proud of in your career?
- All the thousands of leaders and employees I have managed to inspire, making them think in new directions and break ingrained prejudices. As recently as last week, I received an email from a leader who informed me that she had an entirely new way of thinking after attending one of my courses. Then I felt satisfied and proud.

You have had an impressive career - What is your best career tip for other managers in sales and marketing?- --- Nothing comes for free. It's all about having a genuine curiosity to understand and want to change. That driving force has always been within me. As a leader, it is about continuously devoting time to personal development and just being allowed to think. It is a scarce commodity today.

What is the best thing about The Sales Conference?
- All the inspiring lecturers and participants. Unfortunately, we can not meet physically this year, but inspiration also works well at a distance.

Tell us something that can't be learned from reading about you!
- I have an ambivert personality trait. I get energy from socializing with people - but only sometimes, when I feel like it. At the same time, I get energy from being completely myself and working on my own - but not always.


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