Jenny Dearborn is the author of two books on how to lead data-driven organizations. She is a recurring columnist in Forbes, Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. She was appointed one of the 50 most influential tech women in the world. The 19th of November she is on stage, at the Sales Conference, speaking about how to make the sales organization data-driven. I managed to catch Jenny for a short interview, where she also reveals some unexpected fun-facts about her musicality. 

You will speak about how to increase sales performance with the help of analytics. How well do you think sales managers today make use of the opportunities in sales analytics?

Sales Leaders are not as data-driven as they should be. As there are a great many details to track and manage in Sales – prospects, accounts, products, price list, sales stage, sales campaigns, etc – Sales Leaders often mistake managing and reporting on this volume of data with data analytics. Just being able to gather who did what from the past is not adequate – Sales Leadership needs forward-looking analytics that predicts and prescribes a future course of action.

Do you think leaders in sales and marketing devote enough time to learning and professional development? If not - why?

I know that Sales and Marketing Managers do not focus enough time on their professional development. Each year there is more and more content that they need to know and it can be very overwhelming for these professionals to know where to go to get the most value and content in the shortest amount of time.

You’ve held numerous prominent leadership positions in your career. What is your best career advice to leaders that want to stay in the forefront?

The best career advice I can give is to remind people of their longevity. You will work full time until you are 70, you will work part-time between 70 and 80 and you will live until you’re 100. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and always challenge yourself to learn something new.

What are you most proud of professionally?

So many things it’s hard to choose! I love tackling huge organizational complexity and organizing it into a clean, repeatable, highly productive, operational cadence. I love developing other professionals as they come up in their careers. I love turning around a struggling business. There are so many things I love and I’m proud of professionally.

Tell us something that can’t be learned from reading about you!

I love 80s rap music (like old Run DMC) and I play the electric bass guitar….

Jenny Dearborn holds double degrees from Berkeley and Stanford and held eminent positions as HR manager at Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and SAP. Appropriately she devotes her spare time to make paintings of - superwomen. Don't miss the chance to meet her at The Sales Conference, Annexet, Globen, 19 of November.

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