Interview with Katarina Hed Executive Producer for The Sales Conference


On 19 November The Sales Conference, kicks off. When many firms hit the brakes, Mercuri International and ProSales Research are gearing up and continue to deliver a conference focusing on research, trends, technology and inspiration about sales-driven growth.  

- We are obsessed with understanding how our environment is changing and how these changes in turn affect sales and marketing, says Katarina Hed, Executive Producer for The Sales Conference. I have been the Executive Producer for The Sales Conference since 2017. These years have been exciting and challenging, but planning the conference this year during a global pandemic, has been something extra. I feel proud to work in an organization that believes so much in the future and dares to keep the spirit up.  

Speaking of pandemic, how do you handle this fact delivering a conference?  
This is of course not an easy situation as we used to be a physical face-to-face conference. But we believe that we all need to look ahead in these for troublesome times. And with Mercuri Internationals acquisition of ProSales came the capability to develop a digital concept. This turned the pandemic into an opportunity rather than a challenge. We can jump-start our internationalization by producing a full day digital broadcast in English.  

The Sales Conference has been around for a long time in Scandinavia, can you tell us the story? 
The Sales Conference was launched in 2008 by ProSales Research, as an outcome of one of our research projects. 900 people signed up for the release of our first research report, “Sales Efficiency Study” and The Sales Conference was born. Today, The Sales Conference is Scandinavia's largest conference with a focus on the future, with research, trends, technology and inspiration on sales-driven growth. 

What is ProSales Research? 
ProSales Research was founded in 2007 with a clear goal; Bring facts to the table about what drives sales success. From there, we have grown alongside with a rapid development with respect to politics, demographics, economics, behaviours and not the least technology. This has made us obsessed with understanding how our environment changes and how these changes affect sales and marketing. 

What will this year's conference offer to me as a participant? 
- I am incredibly proud to present this year's line-up of keynotes: Pierluigi Collina, the world's best football referee, needs for most no further presentation. He will tell what leadership is required to tackle world stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and not the least Zlatan Ibrahimovic. What is there to learn from a leadership that bridles these extreme winners?
Of course, we also have a lot of future on the schedule. Stefan Hyttfors and Mercuri International’s Henrik Larsson Broman are both futurists, writers and fantastic speakers. 
Sustainability in business will also be a central issue in the aftermath of the pandemic. Therefore, we have invited Märta Rehnberg - a climate freak by heart, political economist by training, entrepreneur and policy-advocate by practice. 
Finally, of course we have key notes specialized on sales and growth. Anssi Rantanen, CEO of the education company Growth Tribe Academy, is characterized by technology-optimism and human-centric thinking and won the newcomer speaker awards at the Nordic Business Forum 2019. Last but not least, you have to listen to Tiffani Bova, the former Gartner analyst and today growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce.  

How much is the ticket?
It is free to participate – sharing is caring! However, you must book your ticket, and you can do it here