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Stefan Hyttfors on the New Normal


On November 19th Prosales Institute and Mercuri International will be hosting The Sales Conference 2020, the Nordic region’s largest event for B2B executives, offering guidance and insights for sales and marketing leaders in this most ‘eventful’ of years.
With six great keynote speakers and thought-provoking presentations, the event promises to be truly unmissable - and will be available, FOR FREE, via direct video stream. 
In this series of blog posts, we’ll be talking to several of the most prominent attendees and discovering their views on where we are now - and, more importantly, where we’re heading.

This week, Stefan Hyttfors.

With a background as a journalist and economist, Stefan Hyttfors is today one of Europe’s leading voices on disruptive technologies, behavioural change, and next-generation leadership. His presentations touch on the topics of sustainability, globalization, and digitalization. Stefan views the future as not to be predicted, but created, with companies and individuals embracing change on a global scale to create a better future.

“The future is about how we create new, rather than capitalize on old, forms of society and business models to expand wealth and quality of life. So that’s what I do; I study change and I try to inspire as many as possible to embrace it.”

Stefan Hyttfors

You talk about ‘the new normal’ at the sales conference - why is this topic so important for sales and marketing today?
- A world of data and manipulation is replacing the world of strategy and marketing. After push marketing e-commerce, there is pull analytics e-commerce. This is a profound shift, and every aspect of what we used to know as sales and marketing will be affected. 

Do you think leaders in sales and marketing devote enough time to learning and professional development? If not - why?
- No. If they did, we wouldn't have a constantly growing number of unicorn companies as disruptors. In a world defined by a faster speed of change, almost no-one is allocating enough time and resources to learning and development. We still believe (too much) in experience.

What are you most proud of in your career and what is your best career tip for other managers in sales and marketing?
- The fact that I have had four different careers - Photographer, Newspaper Editor, PR-consultant, and Public Speaker. My career tip would be that you need to learn how to enjoy change. It's not going to be enough to be agile and adaptable. You need to feel good about the fact that the only certainty is uncertainty.

What is the best thing about The Sales Conference?
- I have never been to The Sales Conference, but by the look of it, I believe it is a great meeting. In the end, that's how we grow and thrive. We are social animals, so great meetings are essential.   

Tell us something that can’t be learned from reading about you!
I don't have financial objectives like revenue, profit, or growth. The metrics I follow - and my vision for the future - is all about my physical and mental health.


In our next blog we’ll be talking to Anssi Rantanen

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