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Keynote Line-Up for the Sales Conference 2021

Get the Trends, Get the Facts, Get the future
and get Inspired

    We are pleased to present a strong line-up. Our ambition is to have all our Keynotes on site at Annexet, Ericsson Globe Arena to create an inspiring ONLINE live broadcast.

    Shefali Roy


    Shefali Roy is an Angel investor and invests globally in startups that build products in Fintech, Creator Economy, FemTech, and Future of Work.

    She was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for TrueLayer until September 2020. Prior to that, she was one of the first to be hired at Stripe, where she was their Chief Compliance Officer and MLRO for Europe.
    Shefali has also been responsible for compliance, business conduct, and risk throughout Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa for Apple, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer for Christie's worldwide, and was responsible for private equity compliance for Goldman Sachs throughout Europe and the Middle East.

    She sits on the boards of Adas List, Barefoot College, and MakerDAO.

    Between 2016 - 2020, Shefali Roy was named Innovate Finance's most powerful women on the FinTech list, and in 2017 she held her first TEDx talk on ethics and business management.

    Thimon de Jong


    Examining how human behavior and culture influence business has never been more important. Syncing a business strategy with rapid societal changes and dynamic human behavior is a challenge. In this area, Thimon De Jong is proving one of the most successful.
    Thimon De Jong studied cultural studies and international business, writing his master’s thesis on subcultures.
    In 2007, he took the role of Insights and Strategy director for TrendsActive, an international trend interpretation agency.

    In 2010 he starred as a jury member in Holland’s Best Idea – a primetime TV show. In 2011, he co-produced an executive program for decision-makers at Utrecht University on the topic of using sociocultural trends for strategic decision-making and serving as one of the main lecturers in this program.

    Andreas Ekström


    Andreas Ekström is an award-winning Swedish journalist, author, and digital futurist. His topics reach across issues of digitalization, media, politics, and culture, and he often serves as a digital thought partner for leaders and boards of directors. Ekström is also an active reporter and often uses journalistic methods and principles in his work. He is a senior staff writer and columnist at Sydsvenskan, a daily morning paper in Malmö, Sweden.

    Ekström is the author of seven books and, the big breakthrough came in 2010 with his book "Google Code". His TED talk has reached over a million views to date.

    Henrik Larsson-Broman


    With over 1000 lectures, Henrik is one of Sweden's most in-demand lecturers in growth, sales, and marketing. He focuses on new trends and phenomena and how these affect strategies, leadership, organizations, and culture, as well as the demands and growth opportunities they create for tomorrow's organizations.

    Henrik is the founder of the research and analysis company ProSales Institute. He has studied trends and research in sales for the past 20 years and is the author of several reports and books on strategy and management in B2B sales. In 2018, he published together with the trend researcher Peter Siljerud the book Supertrends, where they collect 50 trends that will shape the future of marketing and sales.

    Sabinije von Gaffke


    Born in Sweden and raised in the United Kingdom, Sabinije von Gaffke is versatile and fills several roles. A consultant and strategic advisor for both large corporations and startups, Sabinije is also the spokesperson for WIT (Women in Tech Stockholm) as well as other female leadership networks. In addition to this, she is a moderator, journalist, programme leader, debate leader, news reporter, and Master of Ceremonies.

    Sabinije brings to the table 14-years’ experience in Network Television, Web TC, Corporate TV, print, and radio, and is currently working on a global TV series, ‘The Game Changers’, where she is the host.