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At The Sales Conference, we bring together some of the leading suppliers in the Nordic countries to provide you with tools and insights to improve your sales and marketing.


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Salesforce brings companies and customers together by delivering the personalized experiences customers expect through its integrated CRM platform – Salesforce Customer 360. Salesforce provides powerful, connected products that improve your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more.

From the beginning, Salesforce believed that doing well as a company, means doing good in the world. That's why the company has committed itstime, equity, and products to improving education, equality, and the environment for everyone. Salesforce has a strong company culture built on four core values of trust, customer success, innovation, and equality. Globally, 150,000+ companies, both big and small, are growing their business with Salesforce.



At Audi, we have a long-term vision of how we can contribute to a more sustainable world and push progress forward. The overarching ambition is to create a lifecycle for all our models where we take the climate into account all the way; from development, manufacturing, and driving – to service and recycling. A first example of this is our groundbreaking electric car Audi e-tron, which is built in a 100% climate-neutral factory in Brussels.


Business is all about building strong relationships, and these relationships are the key to growth. Driven by a passion for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SuperOffice has designed a cloud CRM platform that will help you build and strengthen relationships through every step of the customer journey. From the first contact with a potential customer through the sales process to customer service. With 30 years of CRM knowledge, insights, and expertise, we are your partner for business growth. Let’s grow together.

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Scrive automatiserar arbetsflöden och dokumentprocesser via världsledande elektronisk signering och identifiering. Marknadsledaren i Norden har idag över 2500 kunder i mer än 40 länder och är ensamma i världen om att använda sig av Blockkedjeteknik för att försegla och säkra de signerade avtalens integritet, något som fått många internationella bolag att välja Scrive före deras större globala konkurrenter

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At Cloudity, we help our clients in achieving and exceeding their goals with the use of Salesforce technology, combined with our most talented experts, well-built project methodology, the local presence, and foremost, deep understanding of the Customers’ business perspective.

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, being present in Stockholm, Berlin, and Warsaw, we are happy to work with global, European, and local projects.

We believe that technology should go together with the change in the organization, processes, and people. This is why we take care of every step of digitalization projects - from defining the idea, through building processes and systems to managing the change in people.

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Showpad is the complete sales enablement platform that aligns sales and marketing to drive revenue growth faster.
For sales, we make it easy to find and share the right content to engage buyers and deliver sales onboarding, training, and coaching to maximize their teams' productivity.
For marketing, we deliver bottom-of-funnel insights so that marketing can invest more in the content and experiences that engage buyers and drive revenue. All of this supports Showpad's vision that the best buyer experience wins.

Showpad drives rapid deployment and adoption with best-in-class technology and practices based on the success of 1,200+ customers in over 50 countries.
GE Healthcare, Bridgestone, Honeywell, and Merck, among others, rely on Showpad's sales enablement platform in every step of the buyer journey.

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Sjöö Sandström

Sjöö Sandström har byggt klockor sedan 1986 och skrev klockhistoria genom att vara den första svenska tillverkaren utav det första svenska armbandsuret 1993. Utveckling och tillverkning sker utan kompromisser, materialval och vikten av skandinavisk design gör klockorna unika och attraktiva på världsmarknaden.

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Turn your customer data into business results. Avaus delivers efficiency improvements in marketing and sales by leveraging data and automation.

We are a transformation partner for enterprises looking to turn their data into business growth. We support our customers in setting a future-proofed vision for personalized customer experiences, we implement the needed technical, analytical, and organizational capabilities, and we help you realize the value of your investments – while pushing you out of your comfort zone.

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Att hitta rätt säljare och säljchefer är avgörande för framgång. Och svårt. Därför finns vi. Vi på SalesOnly är specialister på försäljning och vi rekryterar till kunder inom alla branscher i hela Norden. Vi finns i Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Köpenhamn och Helsingfors där vi lever och andas försäljning varje dag. Läs mer om SalesOnly

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With clients in over 80 countries, Membrain is the award-winning Sales Enablement CRM for teams working with complex B2B sales. Membrain makes it easy for sales teams to execute their sales strategy to achieve consistent sales performance. The software provides sales professionals with continuous guidance through the entire sales process while enabling sales leaders to coach their team to a higher performance level. Continually optimize your sales execution and elevate your salespeople to become a competitive advantage. Membrain has won multiple awards, including the Top Sales Awards, and is ranked as a Top Performer by G2Crowd in four categories.



Poolia is one of Sweden´s leading companies in the field of recruitment and staffing. For more than thirty years we have focused on one thing, to appoint qualified competence in the area of civil servants. This delimitation is our strength and has given us solid experience in a number of specialist areas. We understand the companies, their business and we know what is required of the individual.
With a quality assured process, leading digital tools, and a unique selection philosophy, we deliver what we promise. Our vision is, the right person in the right place – always.

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MySpeaker is a speaker bureau with offices in Sweden and Finland.
We offer innovative and exclusive solutions for your events. We work with speakers, moderators, coaches, and workshops leaders who inspire, strengthen, and develop companies and organizations.

The team at MySpeaker has a long experience, and our key values are quality, community, and responsibility. Our mission is to find the solution that takes your event to the next level, live on stage, and online.

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Nine Yards - byrån som levandegör ditt varumärke

Nine Yards skapar engagemang mellan människor och varumärken. Vi aktiverar strategier och levandegör varumärken genom att skapa unika upplevelser. Brand Experience är upplevelsen av ditt varumärke, oavsett kanal och vi på Nine Yards skapar den – från idé till aktivering. Vi är specialister på att nå bästa möjliga effekt – oavsett om det är event och möten, digital kommunikation, strategiarbeten eller rena kommunikationsuppdrag.”

Marketing Partner

NEXT STATE är specialister på konsekvent och genomtänkt marknadsföring till dina nyckelkunder, det som brukar kallas för Account Based Marketing. Sedan starten 2009 har vi framförallt hjälpt företag inom b2b att öka sin försäljning.